Fried Chicken

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Fried Chicken:

  • Fresh chicken parts with Atyab Secret Spices and Crispy coat.
  • Freezer to Fryer Product.
  • Fully Cooked Product.
  • Available Also With Hot Spices


Ingredients :

Fresh Chicken Parts -Water - F.g. phosphate•Salt - Black pepper­ - White pepper- Gartrc - Onion - Skimmed milk - Celery - Ginger - Wheat F1our.

Oil: Mixture of soya & Olin oilPi!rtii!lly Hydrogenated.


Cooking Instruction:

  • Heat the oil temperature to 18o"C before putting the product.
  • Dip The product in the pan then reduce the heat.
  • Fry the product till Itreaches Itsgolden brown color.
  • Not reducing the heat will cause the product to buy from outside and remi'llns uncooked fromInside•