About us

About us - intro

Since our begging in 2010, our core tenet of quality has not changed, we provided the best quality processed chicken and meat products, and since then, we continued to dedicate ourselves to providing the best available quality every day

Atyab is the premier processes chicken and meat manufactured in the middle east region, producing thousands of tons monthly and growing every day by day as to satisfy the increasing customer demand

Our Vision:

Our vision is to maintain our position as the mena's leading company in the field of processed food industry, offering the tastiest and best quality chicken and meat, maintaining best standard in terms of quality, consumer value, consistency and growth.


Our Values:

Atyab has enjoyed a proud tradition of Highest quality ingredients, decadent stewardship. We owe our success today to the consistency of operating our company according to our core values.


Atyab has adopted a policy to achieve customer satisfaction and to comply with the moral values in the food industry; through the provision of safe and healthy chicken and meat products that is suitable for all segments of Egyptian society. Therefore, the company's management has developed the quality assurance systems for products and production processes to ensure that its safety, specifications and quality are according to the principles of food safety management systems{HACCP), and integrated with quality management {ISO 9001); underlining the company's efforts to reach premium levels, and asserting our commitment to continue providing good, healthy and safe products with affordable prices.The company also applies hazard analysis and critical control points {HACCP) in all stages of manufacturing products, starting from raw materials storage until the arrival of the final product to the consumer where the inspection process is performed on daily basis for verifying the cleanliness of all work sites and machines before and after the manufacturing process, through the application of cleaning, disinfecting of machines and work sites; and strict manufacturing rules.