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  • Beef Meat Slaughtered AccordingTo Islamic Region With Atyab Spices.
  • Freezer to GrillProduct
  • Thawing is not Recommended.


Ingredients :


Frozen Beef Meat Halal - Carbohydrate - Spices - Salt - M.S.G - F.G Phosphate - Vegetarian add


Cooking Instruction :

  • To Grill:
    • Leave Sausages For1o:15 Minutes Until It Thawed.
    • put It In boiling water for 3 minutes.
    • put a little oil and onions on a grill at low heat then add the sausages, tomatoes, green pepper and leave it until fully cooked.
  • To Fry: Heat the pan with a little oil and put sausages and stir until fully cooked.